Tech isn’t just for phones anymore!

Why should phones have all the fun - blinds & awnings are joining the party now too!

So the latest iPhone is here. And it’s available in matte black (further confirming our suspicion that matte black is the colour to beat this season!). New technology is exciting but it’s not just the domain of smartphone manufacturers anymore. Technological advancements are coming to washing machines, toothbrushes, kitten appliance and even blinds & awnings!

Homekit enabled blinds - like those from Serena - are starting to hit the market. And more are sure to follow suit. These innovative new blinds allow you to control your blinds using an app on your smartphone. It even means you can use voice commands to control your blinds. Imagine saying ‘Hey, Siri! Close the blinds in the living room’ or ‘Ok, Google. Extend the outdoor awnings’.

There’s bound to be more innovations & technological revolutions across the blinds industry in the coming years. The Blind Shop is alway on the lookout for the latest and greatest and we’ll update you with any exciting new products or enhancements for your existing blinds, shutters or awnings.