Summer is Coming!

Keep your energy costs down this summer

Summer in Canberra is a glorious time. Days in the park with your family and nights on the balcony with friends. The one thing you don’t want to be doing is worrying about cooling costs every day.

Installing energy efficient blinds & awnings in your home before the warmest months can make a remarkable difference to your overall energy costs.

Awnings make the most significant impact on your energy use. In fact, according to awnings over west-facing windows can reduce solar heat gain by 77% and by 65% on south-facing windows. These are staggering numbers and could see you cover the cost of your awnings in power savings very quickly.

There are a variety of blinds that can also help with further reductions in heat and energy use. Particularly Vertical blinds, single-pleat or the popular honeycomb blind options. All of these make a stylish accompaniment to your home while helping you save money.

Don’t delay. Things will be heating up before you know it!